Copy and paste paycheck results in missing paycheck

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    > @Steve Holbrook said:
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    > I see the same behaviour with Quicken 2015.  Even after doing the Validate and Repair step. Copy/paste operations with paychecks act like CUT/paste operations---the previous paycheck is, in effect, moved from one date to another.  It's like there is some special casing done in the software with paychecks in Quicken.  It still leaves me with the conundrum of how to add a missing paycheck?  I can't just create a new entry with all the splits because the special handling of Pre-Tax and After-Tax is not there.

    Agree. Several years later I'm having the same exact issue as the OP and Steve H. This is with Quicken Premier 2020 R24.14, build And, yes, I ran Validate and Repair. In fact, I run it nearly every time I use Quicken due to losing a significant amount of transactions in the last few years evidently from me not knowing to run it often. But I digress, I have this same issue. Is there really no other solution than copy/paste that only works on some versions some of the time? Thanks JR
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    I am having the same issue
    Using Quicken 2020 R26.15 USA
    WIN 10 PRO x64 Version 1909 Build 18363.778
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