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I'm at 2015 home and business. If I upgrade to 2020? will my problem with compatible files go away

All my banks offer a download files (for quicken) in QXF format. Quicken seems like it is supposed to import such format but never recognizes such files. Is this a problem of the version I have or something else. If I upgrade will it fix this

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  • NotACPA
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    edited February 2020
    Is that actually supposed to be QFX format?  Because QXF isn't what the banks download.
    And, you can't download now because Q2015 was discontinued on 4/30/2018.

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  • So, I think I understand. Q forces users to renew every year by not just reducing access or denying support, but removing functionality. There is a date sensitive command built into the software. That is their right, it is their company. Evaluating, I must spend $200 a year with Q and TT. Frustrating as Q had holes, short comings in tax assignments, etc. If they spent as much time improving their product as they do manipulating the market, it would be the best product ever. Next year, it will be the same amount of work, H & R Block and spreadsheets. I don't like being the prey when they are the predators. This year it's $200 and will only go up.
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