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What's Happening in the Quicken Community March '20 Edition

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Happy March!  I hope you're all as excited as we are for Spring and some (hopefully) warmer weather.

This month we continue our review of the Community Website and how to use this unique tool to its fullest.

There’s a lot of conversations happening in the Community and once you’ve created a post or comment, it can be difficult to search through the conversations to find your post again.

To make it easy, your Community Profile will display every post and comment you have created so you can always find and continue your conversations.

To access your Community Profile:
  • Scroll to the very top of the Community and click on your profile avatar (picture). Or, click the gear icon and select “View Profile” from the dropdown menu.

  • Click on “Discussions” to view any conversation you have created.  Once found, click the title of the conversation to open it.

  • To view every comment, you have posted to any conversation, select “Comments”.  To view the comment, simply click on the title of the post.

The Profile section also allows you to manage your Notification Preferences.  In the Community, you have the choice of receiving an email or pop-up message for posts that you have bookmarked or if/when responses are added to a conversation you have started or commented on.

  • To manage the Preferences, click on the person icon in the upper right of the profile view and select “Edit Profile” from the menu, then “Notification Preferences” on the left.

  • Add or Remove the checkmarks to enable/disable the email and/or Popup options, don’t forget to “Save Preferences” to ensure your modifications are saved.
  • To return to the Community Home Page, just click on “Community” or the “Home” link.

Highlighted Idea Posts:

Key Releases & Highlights for Quicken for Mac 5.14.3

  • Improvement: Added a step to optimize the size and performance of a file on upgrades.
  • Fixed: An issue where PRINT was removed from the check number field after syncing.
  • Fixed: An issue where transaction auto-matching didn't work on transfer transactions created from a QuickFill.
  • Fixed: An issue where the transaction report wouldn't update after changing the Row.
  • Fixed: A crash that could occur when searching QuickFill rules.
  • Fixed: A crash that impacted a handful of customers on file upgrade. 

Key Releases & Highlights for Quicken for Windows

QWIN 2020 R25.10

  • NEW: Quicken is introducing the new Quicken Bill Manager service to users of Quicken Premier and above. Quicken Bill Manager is a brand-new way to pay your bills. – For more Info please visit Here & Here
  • Improved: Added a No Securities (include cash) filter option in the Performance tab of Investments
  • ImprovedFind and Replace can now search for blank values in fields.
  • Fixed: An issue in which the Annual Budget Summary Balance was incorrect. 
  • Fixed: An issue in which the price history for some securities was not updating properly.

QWIN Canada 2020 R22.29

  • Improvement: Improved tracking of errors to make it easier to respond to customer issues  
  • Fixed: An issue with tracking institutions when logging in or performing a One Step Update 
  • Fixed: An issue in which QCS resources continued to try to access deleted IDs.


Community Stats for the Month of February ‘20

2,100 New Discussions created with 8,761 comments posted by 2,342 Contributors

1,536 New Questions created with 1,592 answers posted and 870 Accepted Answers

Community Leaderboards for February ‘20

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