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Quicken for Mac - Deluxe vs Premier

Devyn Member ✭✭✭
I searched the forums and found similar questions, though I remain unclear. Please forgive me if this has been answered better elsewhere.

What are the differences between Quicken for Mac Deluxe and Premier?

At first, I thought Premier just adds online bill pay and premium support, as noted in the main comparison chart here:


But then I noticed that it says "Maximize your investments" under the Premier title. Other pages list additional investment tools for Premier - such as the main product page:


And this chart which was emailed to me as a Quicken promotion, includes the investment tools under Premier (eg, including Morningstar Portfolio X-ray):


I guess I'm just confused by Quicken's various comparison pages. I appreciate any clarification and guidance.

FWIW - I am finally upgrading from Quicken for Mac 2017. I want at least Deluxe, as I want custom budgets. I don't need online bill pay. I would be interested in additional investment tools if offered.

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