paycheck entries lose information?

I enter a paycheck with all of the necessary transfers to convert gross to net. 401k transfer, taxes, hsa transfer, etc. And I can see that the transfers are entered properly. e.g. in 401k acct, I can see the cash transfer in and can select "go to matching transfer" to bounce back to the paystub. At some later point (days, weeks, ???), that link goes away. The cash transfer is still present in 401k, but I get an error trying to go to the matching transfer. When I go to the paystub manually, all of the splits are gone. It's an empty dialog box. The other weird part is that it didn't happen to all of the paystubs. Some are still fine. Maybe 2/3 are corrupted. This is the first time that Quicken has actually lost some of my data (I'm assuming that it's gone).


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    Hi "@ed.quick",

    While I have not had this problem personally, there have been a number of threads on this forum over the last few years about this.   Here are a couple of them:

    Unfortunately, as you'll see from going through these threads, there doesn't seem to be a answer, and a number of users have solved the issue by re-entering the transactions.  Also, although not completely proven, there seems to be some link with using the mobile app and this problem.

    Take a look and get back to us with more details like:

    Info on your Quicken and Windows programs:

    Whether you can actually see the splits, that have disappeared, when you hover over them.  When you last backed up.  Whether there are other problems you've been having lately, etc.

    Good luck,


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  • ed.quick
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    Thank you for replying Frankx. Reading those threads now.
    My apologies for not adding system information--should have thought about that.

    Quicken 2020 R25.10
    Windows 10 Home 64-Bit Version 1903 Build 18362.657
    Quicken USA

    I installed Quicken from download.

    I have a cable internet connection (comcast/xfinity)
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    Per the one of the threads, I will disable web sync and see if that fixes the problem.
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    Yes, I think that would be a good step, since it is not intrusive and was mentioned in one of the threads I found.

    Let me know how that works out.


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  • Paul McAlinden
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    I have the exact same issue, first showed up around September last year. I have traced it to any time that I make changes to the paycheck during the acceptance process. What will happen is that all the transfers from the paycheck (to 401k etc) will be duplicated, in the transfer accounts.

    If I go to the transfer account and choose "go to transfer", one of the instances (normally the 1st one) will say that the transfer transaction is to an account that no longer exists in Quicken, and the other will take me to the original paycheck deposit, but it will be corrupted and no longer show in the paycheck split window. What is strange is that if I hover over the transaction, the paycheck details "do" show.

    I've found that the only solution is to delete the original paycheck transaction, *and* all the duplicated transfers and re-enter as a one off paycheck.

    Incredibly frustrating.

    I have tried turning off cloud sync - let's see if that makes things any better.

    I am running 2020 R25.18, most recent corruption happened when I was accepting my paycheck from this week and had to add a line for ESPP refund. I take an automatic backup every few weeks.
  • I do not use cloud sync and this same thing is happening to me. It happened to 2 paychecks in late 2020 (yes, the first time was in September) and now one in 2021. It does not affect all of them. It is a memorized transaction every two weeks my paycheck gets deposited. I am running 2020 R31.8 Build
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    Hello @borntohike

    Thank you for taking the time to visit the Community to report this issue, although I apologize that you have not received a response.

    First, please navigate to Help > Report a Problem to report this issue. These reports do not receive a response, however, they are used for investigative purposes.

    Please go into the One Step Update Settings and see if you have the option to "Sync to the Quicken Cloud" checked.

    If this is checked, please uncheck this option and see if this resolves the issue.

    Please let me know how it goes!

    -Quicken Tyka

  • jpaff7
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    Not fixed 4-9-21.

    It has happened before - Paycheck is in calendar, gets entered, all is right with the world. There is a transaction that goes to a second account -- most goes to single checking account (this is the ACTUAL PAYCHECK, not just quicken).
    I download data. All seems normal. So, here's how it is:
    Paycheck --> Deductions / taxes etc. Most to account (A); $100 to second account direct from employer. account (B)
    From the employer / paycheck's perspective, 1000 (A) then --> 100 (B).
    This is the same as everything else tracked from that paycheck -- HSA / insurance / 401K etc.... many linked transactions.
    All entered correctly.
    Then I Download accounts.
    A duplicate transaction appears in account (B).
    Let's call these (B1) and (B2).
    All appear to be the same , except it's a duplicate and when I "Go to transfer" from (B1), it comes up with a "matching transfer" error. (B2) transfers back correctly.
    Attempt to edit (B1).
    Voiding it voids the entire paycheck, and it all goes to hell.
    One can still see the "paycheck" by hovering, but there's nothing in the transaction.
  • orrengg
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    I have the same problem - years worth of paycheck splits have disappeared and now only ready Salary. The transfers to 401k are still in the 401k account. When clicking on Go To Matching transfer it takes me to the original transaction - even though it does not appear in it
  • Quicken_Tyka
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    Hello @orrengg

    First, please navigate to Help > Report a Problem to report this issue. These reports do not receive a response, however, they are used for investigative purposes.

    Do you recall when this issue first occurred? Would it be possible to restore a backup?

    Please let me know so we can explore options to resolve this issue.

    -Quicken Tyka

  • skippiem
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    I have the same issue and have logged several reports but now but no resolution that I can see. Now it's causing issues with my balances too! The line items from the paycheck are appearing in the correct account but as an "unspecificed" account transaction. The associated "paycheck" entries are listed when you hover but many also show as "unspecified" but if you open the paycheck form it's completely empty. I originally deleted the paychecks and re-entered them bc it was only two recent - but yesterday when I did the account update - several have errored and I cannot find where the balance issues are coming from. I tried to do a file repair but it claims everything is fine - which it's not.
  • jpaff7
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    Hello Quicken_Tyka,
    Having left a support request and heard crickets, can we assume this is simple a flaw that Quicken will ignore in perpetuity? The same salaray transaction failed and went to zero last week, and all future transactions -- biweekly ! -- went to zero as well. Terrific. Time to rebuild this. . .
    I think the timing of downloads matters. Turns out, some banks post money when it comes in, some post on the day it is supposed to hit. So, if bank A posts on thursday and bank B posts Friday, and the origination is a single paycheck, maybe that's creating a problem. But, it would be good if Quicken had acknowledged the problem,
  • Same problem for me. Entered todays paycheck and 5 years of entries have lost their split information. 125 entries to redo!!
  • Jim Lesure
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    The issue, at least for me, seems to be mostly with the Paycheck split form. When I hover over the -- paycheck -- the splits display in the drop-down; it is only when I open the paycheck form that it shows all zeros. Also, when I exported the transactions to a QIF file all the data was there. I edited the QIF file to leave just the paychecks, reimported the transactions, and deleted the duplicates. They paychecks show as just splits now and I had to recategorize some of the transfers but at least the "missing" paycheck data is there.
  • Alan Brailsford
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    I am on build R34.24, Home, Business, & Rental Property, and I discovered this morning that all my paycheck splits are zeroed out if I open the form, but as Jim stated if I hover over the split it shoes the entries. How does this get fixed? I have years of paycheck data and I am NOT going to go back and recategorize them one by one. NOT HAPPENING!!
  • milleriv
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    Had the same issue. contacted help and was told to validate and then use an old file where it worked. still had issues. even deleted future one and redid it and all were wipeout after i validated. it needs to get fixed it is not my file it is your program quicken.
  • Calalca
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    I am having the same problem. Hovering over the splits the data shows in the correct splits. But when i open the paycheck the paycheck fields are all blank. About 5 years of data is nessed up. Additionally, at lease two of the field have lst ther category info and now show up as "unspecified". Seems that lately I am spending more time fixing randpm;ly duplicated infoamtion, accounts randomly lted as "unspecificed", or other problems rather that using Quicken as a financial planning tool.
  • LRUK
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    The only “solution” that has been effective is to not sync to the cloud. In my experience, it has stopped the problem from happening anymore, but if does not resolve the problem with past paychecks
  • I have the same problem. Hovering over the splits the data shows in the correct splits. Clicking on the split icon, the paycheck fields are all blank. Duplicates entries for any transfers to other accounts are now duplicated and I can't delete those so those accounts now have incorrect balances. I saw someone above say they thought 2/3's of the paycheck entries now have this problem which might be a good guess. I turned off the cloud sync too. Nothing changed. This problem needs a fix asap. The solution should not be restore a prior backup from a year ago and then have to re-enter everything.
  • Danimal26
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    Any update on this? Having this issue as well. Have most up to date version of Quicken Windows Subscription (R40.13). One would think that such a long standing and important issue would get higher priority from Quicken software engineers.