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Difference between using Quicken Bank Bill Pay & Direst Connect thru Quicken

Concordman Mac Beta Beta
I was wanting to play around with sending checks using Quicken Bill Pay, Presently I Write the checks directly thru quicken & send them over via direct Connect to Wells fargo too process. 

Can anyone advise if what I have been doing in Quicken for years is the same thing as using Quicken Bill Pay? If soI will not need to contact WF to determine if this function is enabled.


  • JustMeHere
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    edited February 2020
    Well here are a few things that are different.

    • It can take a long time to setup Quicken Bill Pay
    • When using Direct Connect/WF you are tying directly into their bill payment system so you can also go to their website and see/manage your scheduled transactions.  With Quicken Bill Pay, outside of use in Quicken you would go to their website to do that same kind of thing.
    • When you use Direct Connect/WF the payments are withdrawn directly from your account.  With Quicken Bill Pay, when it comes time to fund a given payment they use ACH transfers (as in they are a third party that you have authorized to make ACH transfers on your behalf).
    • Even though Quicken Bill Pay is "free" with Premier or above, there is limit on the number of payments that are free, and then you have to pay.  With WF I'm pretty sure you have to pay for Direct Connect/Bill pay through them.
    Note that from inside Quicken the "experience" should be basically the same since they will both be using the same GUI controls/commands.
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  • RickO
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    One more thing related to the third bullet point above: with QBP, the funds may leave your account much sooner than they would with D/C Bill Pay (depending on the bank).
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  • Concordman
    Concordman Mac Beta Beta
    Thanks for the replies. Sounds like it best to leave well enough alone.

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