Dimmed Balance Total in Ledger

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When you highlight a transaction in a ledger (e.g. Check Ledger) the whole transaction turns grey which is great, lets you know what is currently highlighted. All the fields in the transaction remain dark black BUT... the balance total dims out and it is hard to read (especially with older guys like me!) There is no reason for the balance to dim as the whole transaction is already "GREY" in color and all other fields dark black. Please REMOVE the dimming of the Balance total column as it is a hindrance and serves no function!
Thanks - Daryl Mendelson
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    I never noticed that, but you are right. That is strange, and probably unintended. If you multiple-select several transactions, the balance turns black again.
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    I don't think, it's an "error". As far as I can determine, when you select a single existing register transaction, you flip this transaction into (what I call) "Edit Mode". Fields you can edit remain black. Text in other fields which are Read Only turns grey. Red numbers remain red.