Why does Quicken continually crash when attempting to scan an invoice within a transaction?

I've experienced this issue for a long time. Recently upgrade to a new computer and installed all latest software and driver attempting to resolve (including latest Mondo patch). I use a Neat model ND-1000 scanner. It almost always crashes after the scan and as Quicken is starting to upload to the cloud but has crashed at other places within the process.
I almost always send the information in via the crash feedback software but haven't received any feedback.


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    I can't answer the question as to why Quicken crashes when scanning a document. Only a programmer could do that. Consider calling Quicken Support on the phone to report the issue.
    But, every crash has the potential to damage your Quicken data file a little more every time.
    Let's make sure the Quicken software is installed and updated properly and that your data file is in good working order.

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