Data snafu Web app and or Reconciling Chase Visa card Issues?

>Has anyone else had trouble with the Chase Visa card interface with Quicken?
> Has anyone encountered some kind of mix up between web version run on a Mac linked to Windows desktop app. (see below)
> Possible factors are:
- I have always used a Windows desktop (currently still on Windows 7) but I was going to be on the road for over a month and a computer consultant installed the web version (for Mac) on my Mac and somehow linked to my desktop Windows version- everything went bonkers but I managed to fix all the data except the Chase card. Quicken support had me drag the Quicken icon to the trash on the Mac but that did not fix the issue.
- The reconcile balances match the paper statement ( essentially opening balance 32 + charges of 47 payments & credits 55 (including prior month balance of 32), ending balance 25); however, the reconcile function shows a balance of negative 7).
- Another odd thing is that the transactions in this account show as positive numbers (all other credit cards show transactions in red as negative numbers. I've had issues with the Chase card since May when I finally did a relatively small adjustment and Quicken tech support promised to look into what cause the file to be damaged (of course they never got back with an answer or fix).
- When I try to open one of the other "recently used" data files I get an error message that "the file may be deleted or location changed, do I want to remove it from the recently used list?"
-When I try using "Find Quicken Files" the last modified is 1/8/2020 and is located in Dropbox folder names E-receipts! (1/8/20 is the day the computer consultant) installed the web version and everything went crazy). The next file listed is from April 2016 and the name shows version 2013.

Feeling hopeless and needing to get affairs in order. Open to suggestions.


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    Hello @Simple

    Thank you for taking the time to visit the Community to post your issue, although I apologize that you haven't received a response.

    I have a few questions to help me to understand what could be happening.

    Are you currently seeing these issues on the Mac or Windows platform?

    To confirm, the web app is accessed on a website at

    It sounds as though the application for the Mac platform was installed, do you recall moving the data file from the Windows version to the Mac version, or did you start over new?

    Please let me know!

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