American Express account not recognized

I have an AmEx account set up for direct connect. This downloads transactions fine. Because this account has an annual fee, I'm going to get rid of it, and opened a 2nd account with no annual fees. Right now accounts are active.

When I try to add the new account in quicken, it is not recognized. Quicken sees only the first account, says 'ignore' as it is already linked.

I was able download transactions directly from the AmEx site. Doing this connected the account, but only as web connect. I tried to update the connection, but can't do a reset, so I have to deactivate, then activate, and of course, it again did not "see", did not recognize there is a second account. It sees my first account only, and of course prompts to ignore it.

I talked to AmEx, they said check with Quicken. I thought I'd check here first before calling support. Thanks for any help!


  • Chench53
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    RESOLVED - And, so magically, now I was able to get it set up. Can't explain it, but it works so I'm happy.
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