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Printing font options

In previous versions for Mac I've been able to specify font and type size. In current version I'm using (5.14.3) this is no longer available. Please reinstate.


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    @rlibkind I can't recall any font settings in previous releases of Quicken Mac. Are you perhaps referring to the 13+ year-old Quicken 2007?

    This is primarily a user-to-user forum, and most of the comments here aren't read by the product developers. One way to try to influence their thinking is to vote for Idea topics on this forum. You can cast your vote for more report formatting options by visiting this topic. Scroll down to the blue box under the first post, and then click the little gray triangle under the vote counter to register your vote.

    For now, you can choose to export the report as a CSV file and open it in Excel or Numbers; then you can format it however you wish. Not optimal, of course; I'm just offering an option.
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