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BUG: Quicken Mac does NOT update all online accounts when launching app

Major bug in Quicken Mac: 

When launching Quicken Mac, that little “refresh” icon in the toolbar starts spinning, because it pretends like it is “updating all online accounts”. 

However, this is not true. It is actually NOT updating all online accounts, because it ignores all Quicken Mobile transactions that are sitting in the cloud, waiting to be brought into Quicken Mac. 

The only way to workaround this bug is that we — the users of Quicken Mac — are forced to manually click on that refresh icon *YET AGAIN* to actually bring in all of our Quicken Mobile transactions from the cloud.

Please fix this problem, thank you! :)


  • jacobsjacobs SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    @Scott Rose As you probably know by now, this is primarily a user-to-user support forum, although you can occasionally get something to the product development team. Using the Report a Problem option on Quicken's Help menu is the most direct way to report a possible bug. (You've been pretty active here, and you might want to consider joining the beta testing team, which gives you a new avenue to report bugs in more detail.)

    In any case, I'd just make two quick comments:
    • Not every bug is a major bug. I wouldn't see the need to click an icon to initiate downloads as a major bug. ;)
    • I'm not a downloader, so I might be wrong about this, but I'm pretty sure the developers wouldn't say this is a bug, because by design, a user needs to click the icon to initiate downloads; it's not intended to be automatic.
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  • Scott RoseScott Rose Member ✭✭✭✭
    Ha, thanks! :)

    Probably not a major bug, but it actually is a bug/problem, because the icon starts spinning as soon as we launch the app. The icon spinning is exactly what it does when we manually click on the icon (to indicate it’s working).

    Only problem is that when it spins on its own, nothing happens. But when it spins from our manual clicking, it works. 

    I just joined the beta testing... I don’t think I have a way to report bugs thru that avenue yet because I’m brand new, but will definitely submit a report there ASAP.
  • lhossuslhossus SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    @Scott Rose

    There is a fix for this bug.

    If you go to Quicken's Preferences and uncheck the box Investment quotes: Automatically download, no longer will "that little “refresh” icon in the toolbar starts spinning," when Quicken launches.

    As jacobs said, "... by design, a user needs to click the icon to initiate downloads; it's not intended to be automatic." What you are seeing when the refresh icon spins at launch of Quicken is just the Investment quotes (security prices) being downloaded.
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