Day Gain/Loss calculation

John_M Member ✭✭✭✭
I did a reallocation of my 401(k) account yesterday (i.e., transfer between funds without adding or subtracting dollars from the account) and noticed an unexpected result. First of all, all of the transfers went through correctly and the total account balance shown in Quicken is correct. However, the total shown in the "Day Gain/Loss" column does not equal the difference between last night's fund balances and the previous night's fund balances.

The change in account value for each fund should be the previous day's number of shares times the price difference (closing price minus previous closing price). This is because funds are valued first and then transferred. This was the case, but only for the fund that had assets transferred into it! The other funds, which had money transferred out of them, had a Day Gain/Loss that was equal to the new number of shares (after transfer) times the difference between the two days' prices!

I searched through all of the posts and have seen people comment on the Day Gain/Loss shown in the upper right-hand corner, but I haven't seen anyone mention this issue. Any thoughts on this?