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Is Meridian credit union supported?...I don't have the option to set up my banking password

I don't have the option to set up my banking password


  • According to this list it supported, but only with Web Connect.

    Web Connect is where you go to the financial institution and download a QFX file and import that into Quicken.

    Very few Canadian financial institutions support updating directly from One Step Update (and only Express Web Connect, and no Direct Connect).
  • Thank you FixFound

    I found a way to get the numbers into Quicken.

    Any Meridian users.....Log into online banking. Click on your account then transaction history from the drop down to the right of the account. Download options include Quicken and Quick Books. Your numbers will go straight into Quicken.

    If you try to download from the main menu at the top it will only give you a PDF file which you need to convert with Adobe.
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