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Summary report with securities does not allow drilling down to give detail

burnettburnett Member ✭✭
I made a Summary report showing the dividends and capital gains produced by each security. Categories as row, and Payees as column. This gives the correct values in each column and for the total. The problem is that clicking on individual entries does not reveal the underlying transactions. It does work for the Total column.

I suspect that the problem arises because a "Security" is not recognized as a "Payee".

Generating reports for securities is really useful so please fix this problem!


  • J_MikeJ_Mike SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    For a security detail report, I do the following;
    Select the the account Transaction view.
    Select All Dates.
    Enter the symbol (or security name) in the Search field.
    Te register then displays he complete transaction detai for the desired securityl in chronological order. 
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  • burnettburnett Member ✭✭
    This of course works, but is a simpler situation than the dividend distribution table I want. It does illustrate though that Securities are treated as Payees in most situations.

    As a die-hard Quicken 2007 user who recently bit the bullet and converted, I've been generally pleased but find it irritating that things like a dividend distribution table, which is very useful when doing taxes, now don't function properly.

    I've reported the problem via the chatline but it always helps to get some action if others weigh in.
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