receipt attachment pics on mobile not syncing to windows desktop

I was backed up adding the pictures of my receipts for past transactions. After they have been downloaded and cleared on both the Mobile app and windows desktop version, i go to mobile, and add the attachment by taking picture into transaction.

However, they are not appearing in the windows desktop version after syncing to cloud several times on both platforms.

Help please!


  • SCARTER2020
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    I am having the same problem......I will follow this thread as well.
  • stanray
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    I'm having the same as well. From Desktop app a scanned image stays with the local transaction, the scanned image does not transfer to cloud. The Android APP and the Web based version the image won't attach to transaction or upload to cloud. That happens either from the camera or a file.

    I have worked with support on this issue and after an hour and a half got disconnected. We reset and re-synced the cloud several times but problem still is not resolved.
  • Quicken Sarah
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    edited March 2020
    Hello All,

    Thank you for taking the time to report the details of this issue to the community, although I apologize that you have not yet received a response.

    I attempted to replicate this behavior, but could not, all attachments added from the Mobile, Web and desktop software synced as expected and were able to be viewed from the app and desktop versions.

    To better understand what may be happening I have some additional questions, I apologize.
    1. Are you using the Mobile App for Android or Apple iOS?
    2. What is the version of the installed mobile app?
    3. What version and release of the Quicken desktop software are you using?
    4. Are you attempting to upload multiple attachments to a single transaction?
    5. Or one attachment per transaction?
    6. Once the attachment has been added in the Mobile App, what are your next steps?  Do you then open Quicken and perform a sync with the cloud from the Mobile & Web tab?  Or do you run the One Step Update?
    7. What is the file type of the image attempting to be attached?  e.g, JPeg, PDF, etc.
    Please let us know, thank you.

  • inouridr
    inouridr Member ✭✭
    Hey Sarah, I'm having the same problem. Below is the information you were asking for:

    1. Apple OS
    2. Version 5.20.0 (38.18458.4012)
    3. 2020 Version R26.17 Build
    4. No
    5. Single attachment
    6. Have tried both syncing and doing a One Step Update
    7. Not sure, but believe is JPG. Am using camera from within Quicken app to take picture.

  • stanray
    stanray Member ✭✭

    I am using:

    1. Android
    2. 5.20.1
    3. R26.21 Build
    4. NO
    5. YES
    6. The attachment will only attach itself to the desktop via a scanner. That image is a jpg and will not sync to the cloud. It tries to sync to the cloud and hangs the system. The mobile app goes through the motions of creating a attachment (bringing up camera and taking picture) but never creates the attachment. Same goes for the WEB version as the mobile app.
    7. jpg
  • ATX
    ATX Member
    I am having the same issue. Attachments added in desktop do not sync with mobile app. Pictures attached in mobile app do not sync with desktop. They won't even stay in the app even after saving them.

    1. Apple iOS
    2. 5.20.2
    3. R26.23 Build
    4. No, only one
    5. Save, then open Quicken and perform a sync with the cloud from the Mobile & Web tab and have also tried One Step Update
    6. png
  • stanray
    stanray Member ✭✭
    Is this thread being ignored? This issue has not gone away and for some of us who depend on (or depended on) Quicken to store our receipts conveniently with the transaction need this to be at least answered. Has there been any investigation whatsoever?
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