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Projected Balance does not include scheduled reminders

This discussion was created from comments split from: Projected Balances Incorrect With Scheduled Transfer.


  • egloster
    egloster Member
    > @knichols said:
    > Similar problem (decades-long Quicken user), the projected balances does not seem to reflect scheduled credit card payments. Today I deleted all scheduled bills and decided to start over, simplified the whole thing to just have paycheck deposits and an AmexBill. None of my prior credit card bills were subtracting as they should, nor does that happen with this simplified example. (Image)
    > Projected Balances has always worked smoothly in the past. I am attaching a screen shot.

    A similar problem happens with me. I want to keep track of my current balance in my checking account. I have scheduled reminders for biweekly transfers -- from my checking to my savings account -- but the projected balance of my checking account does not reflect that decrease. So, it looks like I have more money in my checking than I do. If there is some option I changed in the budgeting tab, or elsewhere that caused this problem, let me -- and anyone else with this issue -- know! Or if it's your bug, please fix it! Thank you. It's a year since the original post, but I see no progress.
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