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Update 3/20/20: Quicken Bill Pay Now Discontinues on 8/31/20: Introducing Quicken Bill Manager!

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Quicken is moving to a new Bill Pay platform to improve your experience. Quicken Bill Manager offers two ways to easily pay your bills with Quicken:

  • Quick Pay: Send electronic payments to billers (payees) who have online accounts accessible by Quicken. This includes over 11,000 billers. 
  • Check Pay: Send a check to anyone in the United States with an address. The check is sent through a Quicken service. You will no longer need to print or mail checks
If you're a current Quicken Bill Pay user, your services will be discontinued on 5/31/20.  You will receive more information in an email from Quicken about this discontinuation.  To replace Quicken Bill Pay, Quicken has created Quicken Bill Manager, which enables you to continue paying your bills via Quick Pay and Check Pay without ever needing to leave Quicken.

Quicken Bill Manager will continue to be a free option for Premier and Home & Business customers, and is available for Quicken Windows and Mac subscription versions.  If you're a current Bill Pay user on a different version of Quicken, you'll receive an email detailing your new services, which should be an improvement on your current experience!

If you've recently signed up for Quicken Bill Pay, that process will continue until it's complete.  In the meantime, you can use Quicken Bill Manager.  If you have Quicken Bill Pay, you can use both Quicken Bill Pay and Quicken Bill Manager at the same time, however, Quicken Bill Pay will stop working on 5/31/20, so we recommend that you transition to Quicken Bill Manager.  New Quicken Bill Pay signup will no longer be available after 3/7/20.

We hope this new experience will be a big improvement in your experience paying bills with Quicken.  For more information on this service, please see our site here.
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