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Just got lost or dropped from a Premier support call regarding the transition from Bill Pay to Bill Manager. I did the procedure for activating my checking account, for both "quick pay" and "check pay", entered the micro payments from my bank, and the checkmarks show up in the bill manager window by my checking account. So all that is done and "verified".

I just tried to do an "on-line" quick pay. Did the procedure and got a window saying it is too late to make a payment, date will be changed..." and it added 5 days. So where is the instant payment? The payment was to a credit card with US Bank, so it's a major bill provider. So be warned... the new bill manager is not working as advertised. For what it's worth... it looks like it created a payment in the old quicken bill pay. Why'd it do that?

Also, directions are not clear. For those of us with quicken bill pay accounts that have re-occurring auto payments, do we need to cancel those and recreate them in the new bill manager? It looks like the reoccurring payments are indeed listed in the bill manager window. We need directions for this!!!

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  • Quicken Kathryn
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    Hi Erksine,
    It sounds like you tried to make a payment with the old Quicken Bill Pay, rather than Quick Pay; Quick Pay payments are immediate.  If you have reoccurring payments with Quicken Bill Pay, you will need to recreate them as online bills.  You can copy the payee information by following the instructions here:

    To use Quick Pay, you essentially need to go to the Bills & Income tab in Quicken, add an online bill, copy the payee information over from Bill Pay (if you want to), then select Quick Pay as the option to pay your bill.  You can see full instructions here: and info on how to make a payment is here:

    Hope this helps--
    Quicken Kathryn
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  • Erskine
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    Actually, no... I did make this payment in the new Bill Manager window by selecting online payment. But yes, it ended up as a Quicken Bill Pay transaction with a 5 day delay. Interestingly enough, I went back into quicken bill pay website- , yes, that's where the payment appeared... canceled that payment, and tried again in Bill Manager. This time it worked and looks like it's an instant payment. So either I missed something, or something linked incorrectly.

    For example- I am setting up a re-occurring payment in bill manager. It brings up "edit bill reminder", which brings up "set up online payee" This triggers a window saying I have to go online to record my reoccurring payments, which brings up the old bill pay window.
    see attached. Something is wrong.
  • jmrydzon
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    Sarah, I have Quicken 2017 and go online to Quicken Bill Pay to schedule all payments, including recurring ones. Why doesn’t Quicken delay the discontinuation of Quicken Bill Pay until recurring payments can be scheduled in Bill Pay Manager? What’s the rush when it’s negatively impacting Quicken’s customers? And there should be a seamless way to load payees currently in Quicken Bill Pay into Bill Pay Manager. During this manually is arduous and and electronic transfer shouldn’t be beyond the capability of A good IT staff.

    The instructions about this entire transition are confusing!

    The way this transition is being handled is a disservice to Quicken customers. I’ve used Quicken for over 15 years and am dissatisfied with the handling of the problems at the end 2019 and now this.
  • Ps56k2
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    smithgregorye said:
    First and foremost, the concept of offering only a "Bill Manager" exclusively shows your head is in the techno sand, where you think the whole world will bow to you. We get bills from countless suppliers of services that don't adhere to electronic billing and they won't for the foreseeable future.
    What bank do you use - as some banks offer online bill payment features,
    AND also support the Quicken Direct Connect protocol,
    SO you can use your bank directly for bill payments sent from Quicken.
    I happen to use Chase - and my Quicken Deluxe - and it works just like you want -
    no outside 3rd party - no Online Biller usage - I get all paper bills, and pay them all via my Quicken --> Chase setup -

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  • smithgregorye
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    ps56K; thank you very much, that's what I'm looking into now and it's good to hear how it works. Frankly I have been on cruise control here for 20 years and just do the same thing every month so I haven't explored other options, just counted on Quicken which I can't seem to do anymore. I appreciate the illustrations as I'm going to have to give it a try. My Bank doesn't do this but I have a brokerage account with Wells Fargo and for a fee I can route through them like you do with Chase.

    I have always operated under a principle in business, never show up with a problem without offering a solution, otherwise its just complaining, so I felt compelled to give the same to Quicken. I've been in Venture Capital for 17 years and been part of 18 startups so it has worked well.
  • Reposting this from another forum covering the same topic.

    I've been a quicken bill pay and online center user for at least twenty years, and although at times glitches and updates have been frustrating, I have stuck with it up to this point because of the convenience in having all of my financial information in one place. Looking at the limitations of the upcoming transition to Bill Manager when Bill Pay is cancelled, I've been investigating alternatives, and quite frankly there aren't any good ones. Most likely I will have to revert back to manual check writing, manual checkbook ledger, and snail mail payments. This is a giant step backward in technology.

    Limitations of Quicken Bill Manager. 1. Can't schedule future payments. This a huge problem because one can't anticipate easily how much money to keep in checking accounts to maintain a positive balance--particularly if your monthly inflow/outflow is complex like mine. 2. The number of e-payments and check payments that one can make is limited to a fixed quantity--that to me is just bizarre and not explained by the announcement. 3. To set up Bill Manager, one has to provide login credentials for every payee. I don't even have log in credentials for every payee. It has never been necessary to have such credential. 4. Can't migrate existing payees to new Bill Manager payees. I have hundreds of payees. There's no way I'm going to reenter all of those manually for this new service. I have a job. 5. Alternatives like my Citibank online bill payment system are possible, but I just realized that even though I can pay bills through Citibank online and schedule future payments, and download transactions into Quicken, the downloads only include completed transactions rather than completed and scheduled transactions. So, my quicken ledger no longer will reflect upcoming payments which makes it very difficult to ensure that the account will have sufficient funds when those transactions occur. Does Quicken plan to reimburse me for interest payments on my credit cards when my payments bounce because of this problem?

    I'm pulling my hair out here.
  • Proposed solution. Pay the firm that operated Bill Pay triple what you were paying them before to keep the service going and abandon this Bill Manager debacle.
  • jmrydzon
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    ps56k, the problem with Chase's bill pay is that they deduct the check amount when you enter it instead of after the check clears. This is the major reason I pay 9.95 for bill pay instead of getting it free from Chase.
  • Steve1939
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    ps56k-I just migrated over from 2017 to Premier subscription and I cannot find the billpay windows you posted. Supposedly under "Tools" but I'm still looking. Also, the old billpay works fine but Quicken says I need a new version of billpay. Confused.
  • Ps56k2
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    ps56k-I just migrated over from 2017 to Premier subscription and I cannot find the billpay windows you posted.
    does this link help =

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  • quick25
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    I am also extremely disappointed that Quicken subscriptions don't offer a scheduled payment option in Quick Pay. It's the reason I use Bill Pay and have been doing so since I started using Quicken over 20 years ago. [removed - disruptive]
  • fewiley11
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    I'm very uncomfortable giving all my passwords to Quicken. I'm afraid that if Bill Pay is discontinued, I will pay bills through my bank and discontinue using Quicken (after 25 years).
  • Gordon Everest
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    I am too.  That is why, in Quicken or with Quicken Bill Pay, I never have them store any passwords.  I do not use the password vault.
    Quicken user since 1991 (first Windows 3.2 version), Beta tester, accounting partner.
  • grega
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    Ok, so...I'm finally figuring out that this is now a problem.

    I decided I'd get a jump on learning this new process and started converting all my BillPay stuff over to Bill Manager. Fine, things are different but I'll figure it out. Then I waited for my first bills to arrive.

    I get them...and I can't schedule? I can only pay now? 

    So, Ok, I'll take a small bill and do a "pay now" on it, see how it goes, this one was a Chase credit card. And all it appeared to do was use my checking account info to go into Chase's system to pay my bill.

    Same as I can do on my own by going into my Chase account.

    Except that in my Chase account, I can actually schedule it forward to my desired date.

    Instead, I've gone all my credit card accounts and set them up for Auto-Pay directly, to pay the balance due on the due date. Automatically. And given I'm paying almost everything on a credit card now...

    I see my bank offers to send out checks as well, with only a few extra clicks.

    I was only doing Premiere for Bill Pay. Come renewal time, I'm not seeing the value in it (any bets on if my Premium-started files will work in Starter...?)


    A Salty Customer

  • jlmillermd
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    Staff -
    I am very disappointed in Quicken Bill Manager (QBM). It certainly is not ready for prime time.

    After activating QBM, it caused a multitude of problems in my Quicken software, including making in entries in accounts that had nothing to do with the new QBM accounts.

    After several hours spent correcting QBM's errors, I have deactivated it and gone back to Bill Pay

    I've enjoyed using Quicken since the DOS days, and it would be nearly impossible for me to give QBM a second try. P

    I believe that I would abandon Quicken and move to another software if I lose Bill Pay, which easily meets all of my current needs. lease do not discontinue Bill Pay in August.

    A loyal, but frustrated Quicken customer,
    Jack -

    John L (Jack) Miller, MD
  • grega
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    Follow up to my "Sarcastic/Rant" comment above (lol)...this change to Bill Manager and its lack of ability to forward-schedule has caused me to re-evaluate my usage of Bill Pay over the last few years.

    I now realize that my usage was definitely not worth the prior $9.95/mo charge, and still not worth the "upgrade" to Premiere. Between my credit cards' ability to debit my checking automatically on my preferred date, and my bank's ability to transfer (or mail a check) to the other few regular payees I use, I see that I really don't need this feature from Quicken.

    Now, before Quicken_Tyka goes all-edit on me (which appears to be a common thing) please note that I'm offering this as feedback from a very long-time customer; I have Quicken files going all the way back to 1991, when I first discovered the program. And I can say with much confidence that the product has, literally, changed my financial life by giving me the tools I needed to manage, view, coordinate, and adjust my finances.

    All that said, I'm not leaving Quicken. There really isn't a comparable alternative. But this change to a lesser-functional bill paying product will absolutely cause me to rethink which version I'll pay for come next year. And I'm very very confident it won't be the version that provides Bill Manager.
  • Ps56k2
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    grega said:
    All that said, I'm not leaving Quicken. There really isn't a comparable alternative. But this change to a lesser-functional bill paying product will absolutely cause me to rethink which version I'll pay for come next year. And I'm very very confident it won't be the version that provides Bill Manager.
    I discovered - by this forum - that I could use my banks online bill payment system and connect it to Quicken - and it works great....
    I am using Quicken Deluxe - and my Chase account - all free -
    1 - your bank has to support Quicken
    AND use the "Direct Connect" download method.
    2 - you can set it up within Quicken for your bill payment
    3 - done
    I happen to use CHASE - and it works great -
    What bank do you use ?

    Quicken Subscription - Windows 10
  • pgdco
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    I have setup quick pay and check pay and I see a option to set scheduled payments. So not sure what you guys are looking at. I'm using Q2020
  • qrad
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    PS56K: I use Citibank, and those options (direct connect) are not available. I would guess there are many, many of us here using Citi and will be stuck with Bill Manager
  • Gordon Everest
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    pgdco  Please give us a little more detail.  I too have set up Quick Pay for a biller.  When I click on "Quick Pay" and enter an amount, my only option is to "pay Now" and indeed that is exactly what will happen.  I don't see where I can choose a future date to make the payment, that is, to send it to Quicken Bill Manager to hold until the date that I would have specified.
     Where did you see the option to "set scheduled payments"?  What window were you in and what steps did you take to get there.  I would be very curious to know.
    I am using the latest version of Quicken Premier, 2020 R25.18.
    Quicken user since 1991 (first Windows 3.2 version), Beta tester, accounting partner.
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