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New Quicken Bill Pay

I have to say, I am incredibly disappointed by the new Quicken Bill Manager. This product does not appear to be ready for prime time and removes at least 3 features I consider key to my using it - and these are features that are available today. The following three areas concern me (all my info is based on a support call I had today):

1. I was told that there was no way to send more that 12 electronic payment and 6 check payments per month. I regularly exceed that today in quicken bill pay. So I would need to write and mail manual checks for the excess (last month I sent 21 payment via quicken).

2. I was told that there is no way to schedule a payment. So all I can do is check every day if payments are due and send them. It was far easier to use when I could enter the payment once and schedule it at that time. The reminder feature is nice but not really adequate for my purposes.

3. I was told that the existing ability to use Quicken Bill Pay online (i.e. using a web page) will be terminated on 5/31/20. There is currently no replacement pending. Based on a Quicken support recommendation, I had to use this several times when there were connectivity issues between my bank and Quicken.

When I asked if these would be available on 6/1, I was told that they were being worked on but no planned release date is known.

Finally, what I cannot understand is how a company like Quicken could release a product with these gaps and why they did not wait for release until the new product had the features that we are paying for today.

I hope that the existing product will be continued until the replacement product is ready for prime time". It doesn't look to me like it is.


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    If you are looking to migrate from Quicken Bill Pay to an equivalent bill pay service to pay bills from within Quicken, I suggest you consider using any of the more than 500 financial institutions that support online payment using the Direct Connect connection method.  
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