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Better reporting options.

ericgericg Member ✭✭✭
For a report, it would be nice if I could say I wanted the date range of a report to end at the end of the last month.

Additionally, when viewing a budget, It has the summary column which currently says "January to March". It would be nice if this summary column could be show to the end of the last month.

These features were once available in Quicken 2007 and were lost a long time ago now. I would like them back.

One other way to supply these features would be to extend the AppleScript dictionary to allow such settings to be done programmatically.

Currently, I am required to write an AppleScript which can send keys and clicks to the application to export the budget data and then process it to obtain the information I want easily. It would be nice if there was more direct support in the application itself.


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