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Super Confused on Bill Manager

In the middle of February, I upgraded to from Deluxe to Premium to gain features, mostly for Billpay and online transfer. On-line chat told me that with Premium, there is no limit on the number of bills I could pay, so would avoid the monthly fee. So I added 2 "Funding accounts" on the Billpay website but 3 weeks later they still aren't approved. When I called Quicken support and they said that's because it's being discontinued, use Bill Manager instead.

So, I went through the steps to activate Bill Manager and it says I have a limit of 12 Quick-Pays and 6 check pays, but that it would be reset at the first of the month (This STINKS!). But I scheduled a Quick Pay and it said it scheduled it successfully. But then I read the announcements from just last week that says I can't use Bill Manager yet. Does that mean I should cancel that attempt because it won't go through?

Lastly, when I upgraded to Premium, I'm also looking to start doing on-line transfers. The only way I can figure out how to do that is in the accounts list, to activate the old Bill-Pay service, because it says if I activate Bill Pay, it will also activate on-line transfers in the pop-up splash. Unfortunately my bank only uses Web connect so this failed, plus if I understand it right, it is tied in with the old Bill Pay service, so I would have needed an account approved back on the discontinued Bill Pay website, which I didn't. So the 2nd half of the question is what is happening with Direct Connect? Is that going away too? I'm on latest version of the software for Windows. How will on-line transfers be done going forward? In the Bills and Income tab, I can only find Transfer Reminders, not do an on-line transfer. When Bill Manager is fully operational, will I be able to do on-line transfers without a bank that has Direct Connect? Or, should I start shopping for a new bank now that has Direct connect, if that service is going to survive, and I'll need it in order to do on-line transfers?



  • Sherlock
    Sherlock SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    The free Quicken Bill Pay for the Premium and higher Quicken editions is only free for the first 15 online payments per month.

    Where did you read that you can't use Quick Pay yet?

    If you want to schedule payments or transfers from within Quicken, I suggest you consider using any of the over 500 financial institutions that support online payment using the Direct Connect connection method.  Quicken Pay and Quick Check payments may not be scheduled.

    My understanding is the Direct Connect connection method is not going away.

    Quick Pay depends on the concept of an online bill and an online biller.  The model does not provide for transfers.
  • mjaskilka
    mjaskilka Member
    That's right -- the Quick pay can't be scheduled. If you only get 15 a month though it's not worth it. I'll just see if I can downgrade to Deluxe and continue using the bank's billpay for free. :-(
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