Can't search from the Title Bar Search

When I search from Title Bar search for transaction(s) = 9.21 I get nothing.

When I search from Edit>>Find/Replace>>Any field>>contains>>9.21 I get nothing
When I search from Edit>>Find/Replace>>Amount>>Exact>>9.21 I get a list of the 9.21 transactions.

When I search from the specific Account Search field for 9.21, the transaction is highlighted.

Did the Title Bar search STOP working for anyone else?

Thanks for our help in advance

Quicken Home, Bus Rental
V:25.10 B:
OS: win 8.1


  • UKR
    UKR SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    Global Search from the title bar works for me. Searching for 9.99 results in all transactions having an amount of 9.99 or -9.99 or any other amount containing 9.99, e.g., 19.99

    Are you looking for an amount that is only available as part of a Split transaction? When the Search results dialog shows, make sure to have a checkmark in "Show matches within splits".
  • Ashcroft
    Ashcroft Member
    I reported to Quicken about 2 weeks ago that after an upgrade that I was no longer able to search on a date, for example 2-10-20 or 2-10 when that information is entered into the Memo field. The Edit drop down/ Find Replace does not work either. This worked just fine prior to the upgrade. It will return a result for dates entered into the Date field. I have not heard anything about a fix.
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