All Accounts fail after upgrade to Win 2020 version

I could not connect to any institution with the new version after my upgrade. Chat support gave up and had me send logs.
I decided to uninstall the new 2020 version, and re-install my 2017 version.
When I tried one step update, I got the same failures.
So I restored a backup copy of qdata from before my upgrade.
Now, the one step update works.

This tells me that something in the qdata file is wrecking the communications with the institutions, and that the 2020 version wrote it.


  • Henry Clark
    Henry Clark Member ✭✭
    Happy to report that it works, now. After returning to Q Win 2017 for a few days. I got the Citi bank account issues straightened out. That's the only changes I have made. I removed the Q Win 2017 using the program uninstall in Windows. Then, I reinstalled Q Win 2020. I tried one account, success. Then my one-step update for all accounts, success.
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