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Purging the pop-up list of payees

When entering a payment, the pop-up list of payees includes many double entries one of which has a pre-assigned category attached and the other has no assigned category. How do I remove the redundant names?


  • RickO
    RickO SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    The entry with no category or other info comes from the Payees list. You cannot eliminate this one. The one with the category comes from the QuickFill list. You can eliminate this one by deleting the QuickFill entry (Window > Payees & Rules > QuickFill). 

    That said, unless you are careful, the QuickFill entry will be re-created next time you enter a transaction with that payee. To keep this from happening, you must uncheck the Save QuickFill Rule checkbox that pops up above the category field when editing the category.

    Unfortunately, in 5.15, the developers decided to make this checkbox alway re-check itself whether or not you are someone who wishes to have QuickFill rules saved by default.

    To make matters worse, the checkbox only appears when you edit (actually change) the category and then only when the cursor is in the category field. Therefore, it is very easy to save a transaction without even seeing the checked box, thus creating or modifying a QuickFill entry.

    This is being discusses in the 5.15 Release announcement thread here:


    If you don't like the current implementation, I would encourage you to hop over to that thread and comment so that Marcus will see it.
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  • Beetone
    Beetone Member
    Thanks for your response. I have passed my concern along to Marcus, as you suggest.
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