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Foreign currency display

One account / Quicken register is defined as foreign currency. Quicken knows the US$ value of each transaction and displays it correctly in a register report; works every time. Question = how do I get Quicken to display both the [foreign currency] info and the US$ info of each transaction in the register?


  • TheLogicEscapesMeTheLogicEscapesMe Member ✭✭✭
    Option doesn't exist. In fact it doesn't exist in the register report either. In the register report you can select what currency to display in, but you can't select to show multiple currency values at the same time. In the register there is no choice at all it is always in the currency of that account.
  • UKRUKR SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    If you pull a Transaction Report from the Reports Menu or the Reports and Graphs Center, you can show foreign currency transactions in either the foreign currency or the Home Currency or a different selected currency, based on how you customize the report.
    Please bear in mind, if you run this Transaction Report and include several accounts of mixed currencies, the report will default to show transaction amounts in Home Currency. You can customize the report to choose any other currency, too.
    Only if you select a single account (or several of the same currency accounts) can you have the report show the transactions in the account currency.
    The report title will reflect the chosen currency.
    Being able to show a transaction in both, e.g., US$ and € amounts, using the exchange rate in effect as the transaction was recorded, is a feature that does not exist in Quicken, US version (I'm not quite sure about the Canadian version).
    To that effect I can only say: Gee, wouldn't it be nice if such a feature existed?

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