One Click Update security failure

I had Quicken 2016. When doing a One Click Update, once I put in my Bank password, it then started popping up a second window asking for a new Bank Password and then validate it. When this failed to work and also locking myself out of my online Bank, I spent a good 2-3 hours working with Quicken support to no avail. They said it had to be with my Bank.
After more time with them, I discovered that it wasn't the Bank causing the problem, it was my Quicken.
My work around I discovered was to just press "enter" twice on the second password screen to get around it.
Fast forward to where my 2016 expired and no longer able to get updates. Purchased Quicken 2020.
Installed just fine, updates of Quicken went smoothly. Import of last database went well also.
However, when I tried to do One Click Update, after I put in my bank password, it comes up to a second screen asking for a new password update with my bank.
After waiting for CHAT support that never did answer on Sunday, 3/8, I called in today. Spent almost two hours with the first offshore support person. Checked several items, but could not get rid of second security screen. Tried a new account setup, and it pulls in data just fine.
His suggestion, start with new account setup and go on. Not what I am needing as I have historical information that I have from many years. Not willing to let go of it.
Called back a second time and followed the Technical Assistance phone tree.
While we went through the same things, and tried many advanced troubleshooting areas, still not getting anywhere. We did the new account setup and again it worked.
The support response was my database was damaged, and while I could view it, it was not able to be updated.
When pressed about it, he stated that the new level of Quicken has fixes in it to prevent this from happening. This tells me that someone besides me has had this issue and that the developers have fixed the code. If they can fix the code to not cause this issue, then they know what was happening and should be able to identify what needs to be fixed in my database file. The support person I was working with, while he pretty much agreed with that statement, he had no one to transfer me to.
If I have to start all over again, not sure that it will be with Quicken.
Any help on this would be appreciated as I have invested many hours into this issue and also many years, 2011 onward, to just "start over".
If it sounds like I am ranting, sorry for that. This is written in frustration.
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