latest version of quicken deluxe is very slow

I have used quicken for more than twenty years. the latest version of deluxe is very slow. it is not my computer. I have an i7 with 16 gb of ram. I keep it is top running shape. non of my other programs run slow. Opening quicken takes 2 to 3 times as long as it used to. opening online update takes the same very long to get to next step and the same with each steip. It seems that you are makeing quicken function worse not better. I have heard similar complaints from clients. I am an It specialist and I run my company in quicken. I have alwasy been happy, but now I'm looking for an alternative. I checked the data limits on your website and it seems there are non. but does having many years of data lead to this problem.


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    Having many years of data does not appear lead to a performance issue.  My data file has 23 years of data, about 272 MB, and over 50,000 transactions on an 2.5 GHz 2 core i5 with 8 GB RAM on Windows 10 version 1909 (2) and have not experienced any degradation.

    There are a variety of issues that can trigger performance problems and there are a lot of things you may try to see if you can correct the issue.  I suggest focussing on one issue at a time as resolving one of the issues may address the others.  If you want to start with how long it takes to open Quicken, the first thing I would suggest trying is to see of the delay is when you open the program or when the program opens the data file.  If we press and hold the Ctrl key when you open Quicken, the program will not automatically open the data file.  If the time it takes to open the program is slow, I would suggest a clean uninstall and update.  If the time it takes to subsequently open the data file, I suggest accessing the data file in a folder on a local drive that is not being accessed by any other program at the some time (for example, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrrive, etc).  If Quicken opens a new data file quickly, you may want to review:   Otherwise, you may want to determine if there are some other process interfering by booting Windows in safe mode.  If the launch time improves, you may incrementally add back the services.