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Upgrading / Migrating from Quicken Personal Plus 2004

I am helping out a relative who is currently on an oldish windows computer running Quicken Personal Plus 2004.

I am finally in a position to get this relative to update her hardware, and software. I want to migrate, not only to an up to date version of Quicken, but also from Windows to Mac.

My understanding from what I've read is that this is possible, but it might be a staged process.

It looks like I need to:

1. Back up the data.
2. Get a legacy copy of Quicken2013 for Windows from your download site
3. Install that, and use that to upgrade the existing Quicken data files to be compliant with the 2013 version.
4. Verify that the balances on each account in the data match those of the original files.
5. Purchase a current version of Quicken for Mac (which one?, please advise)
6. Install that on the Mac, and import the Quicken 2013 data files.
7. Again, verify that the balances on each account on the Mac match those of the original files.

Am I correct? Can this be done safely, and without losing data? Is there an easier path (without having to remain on Windows, which is not an option)?

Thanks and regards,

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