QBP not working again after "upgrade" to Q2020 from Q2017 for Windows

So a couple months ago I went through the 1 month long period where QBP wouldn't work in Q2017; It would give the "It's not your fault" message and fail. That eventually (finally) got fixed when Quicken pushed out some sort of patch. Then all was well again. And yet here I am posting about a problem. AGAIN. :(

Last week I got the email from Quicken announcing that Q2017 will no longer connect to online services after April, and QBP will stop after end of May.
I have been using Q2017 with QBP with no problems since the last errors were fixed. It was working fine. Then I did the Q2020 update. Now once again--problems!!

I updated to Q2020 a week ago, had problems with QBP not working, then rolled my computer back via a restore point so I could resume using Q2017. But tonight (3/11), when I updated transactions in Q2017, even though it successfully updated--sort of--the red flag icons were next to my accounts showing they had new transactions--I could not view the downloaded transactions to accept them. I was able to do this fine until today, and I noticed that little green progress bar had scrolled across my screen briefly when I opened Q2017 today, which means you goobers rolled out another patch that is supposed to help but usually screws things up for me.

After updating to Q2020 again tonight, I had the same problems as when I updated to Q2020 last week. After I did a One Step Update, I noticed that QBP was no longer in the task list. So I looked in my account details for my checking acct and sure enough, the button was there offering to set up QBP for use (even though I already have it and it should say so). I clicked it, and I got a popup window verifying that I really did want to DIS-continue QBP service. I clicked OK, figured I'd just set it up all over again. When I entered my QBP username and password, it briefly did the green spinning circle and "Looking for your accounts at Quicken Billpay" then I got the old "Something went wrong. It's not your fault." Just like 2 months ago.

QUICKEN, LISTEN UP: You have finally pushed me over the limit. I considered activating your new "Quicken Bill Manager" service, but I'm not really keen on giving you the login info to all my payee websites. And since it isn't May yet, I'm ticked that, ONCE AGAIN, QBP isn't working.

This time I am not going to tie up hours and days trying to fix this. We are done. My credit union offers a Billpay service that is free. I will have to go to their website to pay bills, and then enter them into my Quicken register manually, but it looks like I'd have to do that now in Quicken anyway. Your constant monkeying with the program making things not work is ridiculous. Get your act together!!!

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    You kind of got caught in the perfect storm....
    As mentioned above -
    The QBP account used with Q2017 was not compatible with the new Q2020 program... So you needed to change the QBP setup - to use with Q2020 -
    Quicken will auto-update the program, unless you take action in Windows to restrict access to the hard drive area for installing Windows programs... User Access Control -
    Lastly, Quicken is terminating the outside 3rd party bill payment, and going with a totally new provider...

    QWin Deluxe Subscription - Win10
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    Thanks guys for the info. At least it's a known issue. I looked on the web at that enrollment form for the new QBP and my eyes rolled. I think I am still going to transition to using the service provided by my credit union. Thanks for the info though--I appreciate it!
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    I have migrated to the Bill Manager from the QBP.

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    Quicken is turning out to be the most unprofessional organization. They force you into a subscription model with less than a months notice as QBP is stopping. The bill manager cannot do ACH or electronic payments except it you link to a biller. Hey - Quicken, QDP was able to do ACH to a non-billing entity.

    Then with the Quick Pay, you cannot schedule a future payment like could in QDP. Now, I cannot pay something in advance an addition CC payment or anything. And I cannot schedule something for a delivery at a time when I may not be logging in because I'm on vacation. Yes, you can do a check-pay but oh wait...now I have to re-enter all the payee information and it produces a physical check that gets delivered.

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