Removing or transferring error 'not enough shares'

I have 1304 in account. These have recently been transferred to another account. Bit I can't accept the transaction from Schwab - I get 'not enough shares' even though it is precisely the shares I have.
I have exited and restarted and the issue remains. You can see from the picture that the shares are there (there is only one security in this account).


  • Frankx
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    Hi @PaulaManildi,

    When you were making the transfer entry, did you enter the number of shares (i.e. 1,304 in the "Number of shares:" field?  If so, I suggest that, instead you should click on the "All" button that is just in the box labeled "Transfer Method" that appears directly below the "Number of shares:" field.

    This should take care of this problem, which might be caused by fractional shares or just by Quicken's quirks (a technical term ;) .

    Let us know how this works out for you.


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  • PaulaManildi
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    When I did 'All', it moved some of them but not all 1304. I had to add some shares to the transfer account, then go back and change the quantity. It is lucky I am not tracking basis here, as it is totally screwed up!