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merge/rename payees doesn't work

I was looking up how much I spent on groceries so far since my last paycheck when I saw that I had 2 different names for the grocery store. I went into the Memorized Payee List where you're supposed to be able to merge/rename using the button in the bottom right corner. I selected the name that I wanted to merge and clicked the button and it came up asking me what I wanted the new name to be. I filled it in with the other existing name and then I got the window about creating a renaming rule even though I had unchecked create a rule for future downloads. I filled it in with a rule and clicked OK. It didn't do anything that I can tell except that it also checked (included) the name I wanted to merge the initial transactions into. I thought maybe I should have included that in the original selection so I went through the steps yet again and nothing.

Is there anything that works dependably in this program? I sure can't find it.


  • Tom Young
    Tom Young SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    I just tried using the "Merge/Rename" button in my version of Quicken for Windows - V24.14 - and it worked, merging a vendor named "Amazon Kindle" into the "Amazon.com" vendor name.  I'll admit I've never used that button before and found it a bit confusing.
    Typically if I'm looking at a list of transactions and notice a vendor name I want to correct I'll simply click on that transaction and correct it in the register, achieving a small measure of historical accuracy.  But using the "Merge/Rename" button didn't do that, it seemed to deal only with future downloads and did not actually rename the vendor in my historical records.
  • CityguyPA
    CityguyPA Member ✭✭
    I guess the question now is what's it supposed to do? I don't think it even did what you did well and it certainly didn't do what I expected. There used to be a function unto itself to fix payees that worked similar to recategorizations.

    I typically have corrections that for whatever reason downloaded with a new payee instead of the expected one which then didn't fall into the renaming rules and so I end up with several entries that are different until I realize it.
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