merge/rename payees doesn't work

I was looking up how much I spent on groceries so far since my last paycheck when I saw that I had 2 different names for the grocery store. I went into the Memorized Payee List where you're supposed to be able to merge/rename using the button in the bottom right corner. I selected the name that I wanted to merge and clicked the button and it came up asking me what I wanted the new name to be. I filled it in with the other existing name and then I got the window about creating a renaming rule even though I had unchecked create a rule for future downloads. I filled it in with a rule and clicked OK. It didn't do anything that I can tell except that it also checked (included) the name I wanted to merge the initial transactions into. I thought maybe I should have included that in the original selection so I went through the steps yet again and nothing.

Is there anything that works dependably in this program? I sure can't find it.


  • Tom Young
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    I just tried using the "Merge/Rename" button in my version of Quicken for Windows - V24.14 - and it worked, merging a vendor named "Amazon Kindle" into the "" vendor name.  I'll admit I've never used that button before and found it a bit confusing.
    Typically if I'm looking at a list of transactions and notice a vendor name I want to correct I'll simply click on that transaction and correct it in the register, achieving a small measure of historical accuracy.  But using the "Merge/Rename" button didn't do that, it seemed to deal only with future downloads and did not actually rename the vendor in my historical records.
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    I guess the question now is what's it supposed to do? I don't think it even did what you did well and it certainly didn't do what I expected. There used to be a function unto itself to fix payees that worked similar to recategorizations.

    I typically have corrections that for whatever reason downloaded with a new payee instead of the expected one which then didn't fall into the renaming rules and so I end up with several entries that are different until I realize it.
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    To really rename Payee Names in register transactions, have you tried using Edit / Find/Replace?
    That allows you to select transactions with the incorrect Payee Name and change them to the desired new Payee Name.
    As always, when making changes which can effect a large number of transactions, be sure to have or create a backup of your Quicken data file BEFORE you start making changes. A mass update gone wrong may be next to impossible to undo, except by restoring a backup.
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    I notice that the original posts are a year old.  At the heart of the problem is just not understanding where these come in for each part of the process.

    I see that @ChrisESchuster comment as removed because of referring to another product, which even makes the question he asked "missing", but since I read it, I will say this even though the other product changed current and the future payees, I personally think Quicken's approach is much better.  Just because I change a payee in a given transaction or for the future, doesn't mean I want it to go in and change every one of those payees in my register.

    Renaming rules and Memorized Payees are for future transactions.
    Find and Replace is for current transactions.  There is also filtering/selecting transactions and replacing the payee.

    BTW it sounds like that other product dealt with payees like Quicken Mac does.  As in the payees are actually all links back to a database entry, like the categories are.  As in you change the one entry in the "list" (like the category list) and all of the payees in all of the transactions change.

    That might be convenient for this use case, but becomes a big problem when someone wants to remove a payee from their "list".  Doing so removes all the instances of that payee in the transactions.  Certainly not what people usually want.  So with Quicken Windows each payee is independent and as such must be changed with something like find and replace.
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