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Planning and Budget Graph View *Simple* Usability Improvements

First, long overdue: Let the user expand/collapse "All" levels in graph view!" Expand/Collapse: All, L1, L2, L3..." Such a horrible pain to have to click through all the Level 2 categories one and a time over and over, esp as changing views or editing a txn can cause the whole thing to expand again. Even better, make Level save as a default. I can't think of any product with +/- hierarchies in the last decade or so that didn't have this feature.

Second, this would completely change the usability: Click to filter/show categories with unplanned spending, and click to filter/show remaining spending. Right?? The most immediate question when I go into the tool is "where did I run over," followed by "what is left" Just a simple filter in graph view would do it. Instead of having to eyeball a lot of detail rows and sort of guesstimate. There isn't even a report in the report library for this. Sure, full detail budget to actual everywhere, but *just show me what is over*. *Just show me what is left*. Crikey!

There is a lot of power in Planning (like in the rest of quicken), but for the basics it is sort of too hard to use. I've been a Quicken user for 20 years, and have made a number of runs up the hill to make it part of my financial management, but it has always been a beast.
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