Security charts no longer display solid line

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  • I don't see vertical bars. I only see one pixel dots, very difficult to see
  • q_lurker
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    As @mshiggins wrote in 2012 in the thread where this post originated:
    ... check the date setting for the security price history chart. If it is set of 1 year or more, you should see the solid line. If it is set for a smaller date range, like 3 months, you will see the vertical bar for each day indicating the close, high, and low price for each day. 

    If the data includes hi/lo/close data, there should be a vertical line.  If the Hi/Lo are the same as the close (such as for a mutual fund) or blank, only the singular value will be plotted.  It still becomes necessary to extend the time frame over a year to get the line. 

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