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I need a tutorial on how Quicken Bill Pay functions are now accomplished in Bill Manager

I’ve been a Quicken user since the very beginning – forever. I am now struggling with moving from Quicken Bill Pay to your new Quick Pay and Check Pay. Is there a tutorial talking me through this: for each process that I did in Quicken Bill Pay, what is the equivalent process with Quick Pay and Check Pay? What can and cannot be done? I think your software is in a transition phase with old and new features combined – so I don’t know what is important, needed, or obsolete. Not knowing the big picture on how this is supposed to work – It is frustrating to setup. So I would very much appreciate a concise explanation of how bill paying within Quicken is supposed to work and how I set it up to do what I have been doing in Quicken Bill Pay for a long time.
• What can I do in the new system, and how?
• What can’t I do in the new system? (I suspect payee nicknames are not available, selecting a delayed payment is not possible, others?)
• The new system seems to be focused on scheduling regular bills - how do I just pay bills.
• I have a payee list – is this obsolete or still necessary?
• How do I make a payment to a payee who is not a regular biller (dentist, etc.)?
• When setting up billers – I notice that there are no nicknames. How do I keep track of 5 different State Farm Insurance bills, his and hers medical bills, etc?
• Big picture: how does this work? Who is sending out paper checks? What are the delays? How do I know what the delays are?


  • Neil4730
    Neil4730 Member ✭✭
    Totally agree. I think that I have done everything to migrate to the new Bill Manager, but all of my recent payments since the migration (using Bill Reminders) still use Bill Pay.

    Do I have to manually enter all payments with Bill Manager? Or can I use the Bill Reminder / Reconcile route?

    Is there a Bill Manager website like the Bill Pay website? It has always been great to see a payment from my computer actually show up on the website as scheduled.

    I thought that all payees would transfer to the new Bill Manager. Is that not the case? Do I have to enter them all again?
  • Ps56k2
    Ps56k2 SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited March 2020
    Neil4730 said:
    I thought that all payees would transfer to the new Bill Manager. Is that not the case? Do I have to enter them all again?
    As shared from forum Admins/Mods -
    You can use the copy feature to copy your Bill Pay payees over into Bill Manager:

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