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I searched for a solution to this problem, but the solution I found did not work. The Title Bar (Quicken Premier - QDATA...) is partially cut off - this prevents me from seeing what I'm typing in the global search box on the Title Bar. Just below it, the Menu Bar is squished (File, Edit, View, Tools...). I can deal with this one, but I'm thinking the solution should fix both of these areas. The remainder of the display looks fine. I found one solution that said to press F11 after booting up, but this did not change the appearance of these two areas.

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  • Thank you UKR SuperUser! Earlier I saw a post about checking "high DPI scaling behavior", even though it was for a slightly different problem, but my system was already checked on and set to "Application". The key to your suggestion was " (also try the other available options!)". I changed the drop down to "system" and the title bar and menu bar now display properly. Thank you for your help!
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    I have a 4K monitor. I just upgraded my Quicken Deluxe and now I can't see the entire title bar; only half the words for File, Edit, View, Tools, etc. Decreasing the resolution makes it too difficult to see and affects every other program on my laptop.
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    @Curly76 There's a wealth of info in this thread, above your post.  Have you tried the suggestions made there?  What were the results?
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