how do i get the routing number for my bank in the software

i have three accounts with the same bank. two checking and one savings. two of them are interfacing with the bank. one isnt. in the account details under institution there is no routing number. one of the other checking accounts, that is now working, was in the same situation and when i reset the account under online services it was rectified, and started interfacing with the bank.
i can not get this particular checking account to insert the routing number even after trying to reset the account, rebooting, closing and opening the program, and classifying it either as checking or savings. i absolutely do not want to delete it and reinstall it because i have years of data. any ideas?


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    HI @kevinkatz,

    To bank routing number is not a data point that the user can enter or modify.  It is established by the program when you setup an account for downloading of transactions. I would suggest that you try the deactivate/reactivate routine again, but you might also want to try the file validate process first in case there are data errors that are causing the problem.  Here's the guidance on that

    Good luck!


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    The R/T number is also not necessary.  IF the bank has an established relationship with Q, Q already knows who the bank is and the R/T is redundant.
    If the bank DOESN'T have a relationship with Q, having the R/T won't help.
    SOME banks mask their R/T number in Q's "Account Details".  That's the bank's choice, and you can't change that.
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