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Where to learn to create Reports - Category Summary?

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Where can I learn to create Reports - Category Summary?


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    It is highly recommended NOT to use the report named Category Summary. It is an older report that is being deprecated and is known to be inaccurate at times.

    Instead, use the Transaction Report or Summary Report. To create these, click menu Reports, then Create Transaction Report or Create Summary Report. 

    In Quicken, click menu Help, then type "reports" in the box. You will find many helpful topics:

    If you have specific questions on how to set up these reports that are not answered there, please post.

    And, don't forget that often times you can get an answer you're looking for right in the register: Select the appropriate register or register group in the sidebar. Set the Date, Type and Status filters as needed. Then use the search box, top right, to further limit what is displayed. Once done, you can use the File > Print or File > Export menus to print or export the filtered register.
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