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Paid for 12 months of Bill Pay

Does Quicken plan a partial refund for failing to provide promised services? The only reason I opted for Premiere over Deluxe was for the free use of Bill Pay. I believe a prorated refund is in order for the period June 1st thru end of subscription for those who selected Premier over Deluxe solely for the free use of Bill Pay. (Twelve months of fee Bill Pay justified the increase subscription cost [+ $25/year]for Premier over Deluxe). Quicken, through no fault of the subscriber, will fail to provide that advertised service. My Premier subscription is paid to November 2020. However, free use of Bill Pay expires on June 1, 2020. Thus, I have paid 5 months for a service you promised (at the time I renewed) but will not provide. Can I get a prorated refund on my Premier subscription?


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