After reconciling a credit card, offer payment with a Reminder

After reconciling a credit card, a "Make Credit Card Payment" pops up. It offers either Print Check of Hand Written Check. I have a reminder for these payments that debit my checking account. I'd like this to be an option on the pop up too.
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  • Rocket J Squirrel
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    I have long wanted Reconciliation Reminders for credit card accounts.
    We currently have Bill, Income, and Transfer reminders. None of these accounts for the intermediate step of reconciling credit card accounts. In my fantasy, Quicken would remind me to reconcile my credit cards, and not perform a payment transfer on its own, but rather continue to perform it as the last step of reconciliation.
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    Hello All,

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  • Ray
    Ray Member ✭✭✭
    I have a reminder for each credit card payment as I have my cards set up for automatic payment from my checking account. When I receive my statement, I reconcile the account. When finished, Quicken only offers payment with a Printed Check or Hand Written Check that I never use. I'd like it to also offer payment by Transfer where I'd could select the account, amount, and  transaction date.

    For reconciliation, it always asks for the statement closing date. It should default to a date one month later than the last reconciliation.
  • Ray
    Ray Member ✭✭✭
    I also use QuickBooks. When I reconcile an account, it fills in the statement date field with one month past the last reconciliation date. All my financial institutions issue statements monthly but some such as credit cards are not at the end of the month.