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woodaidwoodaid Member ✭✭
Using the option to "create a new category summary", I created my year end report, like always, as I have for years now. So at the start of 2019, by checking balance was 8205.35...at the year end, the balance was 4722.33. My report shows all transactions, with nothing left as "uncategorized"...Money in, versus money out, show a negative balance of -3838.92. I am confused, as I have never had my year end report showing more money going out than was coming in. I first thought that the negative amount was the difference between my year start/end balances, but that doesn't explain it. Any ideas????


  • John_in_NCJohn_in_NC SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    I suspect your issue has to do with transfers.

    I created a test account of just of my checking account to check. (I use this mainly as a holding account to pay bills). For 2019, I had a whopping .39 Money in. (Interest income) The Money Out was certainly far greater and creating a negative total.

    I get the same numbers if I use the same report via the newer Create Summary (By Account, Year) and in the older Category Summary Report.

    Note: if you are indeed using the newer Create Summary (by category) report, there is an advanced tab that will give you more control over display of transfers, etc.

    But, if you are simply trying to look at expenditures by category, then it doesn't really matter-that is correct. I think this question is because your outflows show as negative when in reality they are not.

    Post back if this is not the case.

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