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Moving from Bill-Pay to Bill Manager.

I have been a long time user of Bill-Pay and am very satisfied with it. I have set up a few accounts with Bill Manager and find I cannot schedule payments with a future date. Payment must be set on the day it is entered. I find this unacceptable and will have to transition to my bank's bill pay service when Bill-Pay ends. Also when setting up Target-Red Card, all I get is "Unable to update billers" message.


  • Ps56k2
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    edited March 2020
    Depending upon which bank you use - I happen to use CHASE - you can setup Quicken to use your bank directly as your bill payment conduit. 
    What bank do you have -
    and if you look at the Quicken Account Details - Online Services -
    does it indicate that it uses "Direct Connect" - ?

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  • weinandy
    weinandy Member
    I also use Chase. Iit works perfectly with Quicken Bill-Pay. When I create a payment with Bill Manager, the date is fixed to today's date. With Bill-Pay I could set the payment date to the day before it is due.
  • Frankx
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    Hi @weinandy,
    If you switch to use Chase itself as the bill payer (not Bill Pay using a Chase bank account) you will be able to pre-schedule payments just like you could with the old Bill-Pay.  However, you need to have a "direct connect" connecting with the bank - currently, you may or may not be using "direct connect".

    Also, to be fair, it is clearly possible that Quicken Bill Manager may allow scheduling payments in the future, since there seems to be a number of users (many of whom have been very vocal in this community) that value that service and have asked that it be brought back.

    Good luck!


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