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New identified RBC online banking updating issue - another error code: CC-505

Though I have seen the reference to Royal Bank of Canada online updating issue, there is no mention of my error code CC-505 which has been occurring now for about 3 days. I am a longtime Quicken user (~1995) and have only had issues previously with CIBC and nver before with RBC. Sole intent is to provide information to the problem solvers.


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  • I have also been receiving the same CC-505 error message since Sunday. On Saturday it was CC-502; before that it worked fine.
  • The issue seems to have been resolved today; I was able to download transactions from RBC Royal Bank using Express Web Connect with no issues or error messages.
  • I've had the same codes come up for over a week. Put the new version of Quicken in and still doesn't work for me. RBC or TD Canada Trust. I've never had a problem with RBC in the past either and have also been using Quicken since the mid 90's. Someone name Sarah post the problem has been fixed but didn't offer any advice so I have taken the software out and put it back in several times. I'm using version R25.19 on Windows.
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    Hello @Stephen Gulbransen

    Thank you for taking the time to visit the Community to post your issue, although I apologize that you continue to experience this trouble.

    If you haven't done so already please take a moment to review the steps and information available here for the CC-505 error.

    As well as the information available here for the CC-502 error.

    If both of these errors have continued to persist after waiting 24 hours, support will need to be contacted to correct the issue.

    Contact Quicken Support

    Thank you,
    -Quicken Tyka
    -Quicken Tyka
  • CC-501 is the error I'm having now. Is there a way to remove Quicken completely so I can start all over?
  • Phgray58Phgray58 Member
    After reloading Quicken Starter today to resolve the release issue, I now have connectivity to the RBC and my accounts.
    Additionally I receive the download window confirming Accounts have been Updated with No Transactions.
    However Quicken does not see any transactions after March 19 2020 that are present in the account.
    Quicken also mistakenly indicates a $0.00 balance for my checking account. I have run the Quicken update as transactions are added to my checking account with the exact same message with the balance date of March 19 2020.
    Has anyone else experienced this issue with RBC?
    Cheers Phil
  • Phgray58Phgray58 Member
    I have tried again this morning to download account transactions from RBC resulting in the same download failures as experienced over the past 2 weeks.
    - Quicken connects to RBC Bank
    - Quicken does not see any transactions dated after March 19 2020 in all 5 of my RBC accounts
    - Quicken reports the wrong account balance as $0.00 after failed "download"
    - Quicken cannot upload to its software the "ofx" manual transaction download file I generated from RBC
    -Quicken can no longer support my personal finances due to this issue
    Has anyone else experienced this issue?
    Cheers Phil
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  • Phgray58Phgray58 Member
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    I GIVE UP!
    Luckily I found an old version of Quicken program R22.15 on a storage drive and have overwritten the most recent Quicken release R25.21. Everything is working perfectly with no connectivity, data corruption or download issues with Royal Bank of Canada RBC Bank . (Removed-rant/Disruptive)
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