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OSU Update summary appears when trying to do update on specific account

Whenever there is an eroor during OSU, and I try to "update" that account specifically, this windows pops up with the error for that account. This happens ONLY for the firat account I try to update AFTER the OSU summary appears. It happens consistently. In this case TD Bank had an error and the original popup appeared after the OSU. I closed the OSU summary report, and went to the TD Bank account and did an update, and this window popped up again. Once I closed it I could do an update for that account, and all other accounts that had errors during OSU.
Quicken Home, Business and Rental Property 2020, R25.21
Windows 10 PRO 1909 current
I think this happened shortly after the BofA Bill pay error, but not sure...


  • Quicken HughQuicken Hugh Moderator, Employee mod
    Hello Greg,
    Thank you for taking the time to visit the Community to report your issue to the Community.

    If you are still experiencing the CC-502 error please see the steps outlined here. From your description, it seems you already took those steps, but lets check the list please.

    If the trouble persists after completing these steps, please contact support directly for advanced troubleshooting and a review of the log files to determine the cause of the


    Support can perform in-depth troubleshooting as well as create a help ticket this will help gauge the impact an issue is having and help get the problem investigated further.
  • Greg BrownGreg Brown Member ✭✭✭
    It is NOT the cc-502 error I'm reporting, it's the fact that after receiving the CC-502 error, or any other error, during OSU, when I go to the specific account to do an update, this screen pops up. So the first attempt to update an individual account AFTER getting an error during OSU, causes the "One Step Update Screen" to appear, and does NOT update the account unitl I perform the "update" a second time.
  • Brian DavisBrian Davis Member ✭✭
    This has been a persistent problem with quicken with many updates. I have the same issues as Greg and even after deactivating the accounts (credit union) and re-activating.
    I would like a resolution for this current problem AND I would like to see quicken prevent these types of errors with their product.
  • Greg BrownGreg Brown Member ✭✭✭
    I opened a support ticket today on this but unfortunately there were two issues that I reported, so I'm not sure which case number it is, it's either 7510778 or 7510777, probably 7510778.

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