Quicken replacing entries with "N/A"


We are using Quicken Desktop for Windows (version 2020, R25.21).

We use PrintBoss to print checks and we automatically update our bank accounts.

We have used Quicken for many, many years.

For the last month or so - we download bank transactions and print checks and make sure all of the entries are correctly entered.

When we close and reopen the Quicken file - it has replaced the check payees and memos with "N/A". It also replaces the EFT downloaded transactions with "N/A" - even though we entered a description and saved it.

We rebuilt our database about 6 months ago because we would do a bank update but Quicken would lose all of the entries when we closed and re-opened the software.

Quicken support was not helpful at all with the losing entries problem and I don't expect them to be of much use for this latest issue.

Please share any information in helping us resolve this issue.