Show Category Group column in "Memorized Payee" dropdown list when selecting category

Could save a lot of time and errors if each bank account would default to a specific Category Group (Personal, Business, or Rental) to use during categorization of bank downloaded transactions for vendors that may be used for both business and personal expenses -- for example, the Payee "Baja Fish Tacos" (love 'em) may be linked to all 3 category groups in the "Memorized Payee List". When categorizing a bank transaction to "Baja Fish Tacos" in your business account, all 3 show up with a related category. If you're lucky, the group Personal or Business may show up in the limited description field (in parentheses); if not, you're faced with selecting one, seeing if it is from the business group, and if not, going back to the Payee field and making another guess. If you're in your business account and inadvertently select a personal category, you've just lost a deductible business expense. I've been getting around this for all these years by putting a prefix on all of my category descriptions of "(Bus)", "(Pers)", or "(Rent)". Of course, a client can easily add a new category without the prefix, and boom; there goes my system...
I've been in the tax accounting business for over 30 years. One of the major IRS audit dictums is no co-mingling of business income and expenses with personal income and expenses. Consequently, my initial and follow-on business consultations include my dictum "use separate accounts, debit cards, and credit cards for business and personal income and expenses" and "don't use your personal account to pay business bills!" -- if your business needs a loan, transfer the money from your personal account to your business account and pay the expense from your business account to save me the grief of trying to figure out on April 15 how your business lost money but still shows a profit on your tax return. And the corollary "don't use your business account to pay personal bills! use your personal debit card; it will save us the grief of trying to explain your co-mingling of finances to the IRS! i.e, convincing them that you are not cheating by paying personal expenses through your business account in order to get a business deduction!
Consequently, I "strongly encourage" my clients to have separate accounts and to separate business spending from personal spending. Doing so makes it important to minimize cross-contamination for maximizing business deductions and minimizing audit risk; and this would help both.
I have been using Quicken since the DOS days. I much prefer it to QuickBooks for simple accounting and generating financial reports. Prior to 2010, however, it was not ready for prime-time in our electronic world due it's nasty habit of doubling up downloaded bank transactions. Intuit did get that fixed -- so I find it ironic that they sold the only product that they ever developed themselves after getting it ready for prime time...
Intuit never listened to my suggestions, so I eventually just gave up; let's see what happens now...
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    This has become a real pain for myself as well. I have two accounts, on my wife uses and mine. Problem, when she went in hospital I had to do both accounts so I joined her quicken account. Now I can't separate the two bill lists and she has a lot of them.