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problem of one-step update from same bank but with two login

My family has multiple accounts with simplii. each has different login. some accounts are joint but some are individual. quicken is latest, 2019 R22.35, build27.1.22.35.
The on-line one step update can only update one login(client card). the 2nd one did nothing.
This is very annoying that quicken works with one login only from the same bank.


  • Tom YoungTom Young SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    My wife and I have various joint and individual accounts at Schwab and I don't experience any problems as you describe.  For the joint accounts and my separate accounts I bring those into Quicken using my Schwab user ID and password and for my wife's account I connect to those using her Schwab user ID a password.
    For that 2nd Account try deactivating downloads in that Account and then re-establish downloading for the Account.  Make sure you use the correct user ID and password for that account.  Quicken will come back with all the accounts at the financial institution that are accessible using that combination.  Make sure to "link" the correct account at the financial institution to the correct Account in Quicken.  For the other account - the one's that working for you, tell Quicken to "ignore" that account.
  • kayeceekayecee Member
    I had the same issue and tried several times to reset the accounts. I gave up and started downloading the transaction from the bank in qfx files, then importing into Quicken. Since one-step didn't work for me, when my quicken membership expired, I didn't bother to renew.

    I went to manually download and import today and learned that Quicken has blocked all pathways to manually upload transactions. Very disappointed.

    I plan to keep my data in Excel and use pivot tables to create reports.

    I am a longtime Quicken user - I still have the diskette from Quicken 1.0! - but I am very disappointed that they jumped on the subscription model bandwagon.
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