Unable to edit loan details

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  • Chris Sowerby
    Chris Sowerby Member ✭✭
    I'm having exactly the same issue with two variable rate mortgages that I edited this month. The most recent interest rate entries became non-changeable (no edit/delete buttons), then I started getting entries of 00-00-1900 at 0% interest. For one recent entry that I can still edit, when I try to change the effective date, Quicken freezes and has to be shut down with Task Manager (happened twice). On one of the mortgages, the payoff chart now only goes to July 2020 and there's a substantial balance outstanding at that date. I tried validating and super-validating the file with no effect. Sounds like a bug in the application rather than a data file problem. I may be replacing these mortgages soon so I'm not going to bother working from a backup or creating new loans, but I suggest that Quicken should be looking into this problem.