Quicken crashes in Investing - Portfolio view

For the last several days, whenever I go to Investing - Portfolio, Quicken crashes with the Windows error dialog "Quicken Windows has stopped working". I have not changed anything in my accounts. I have Validated my data file. My accounts all download correctly and everything else appears to work.

Quicken - Deluxe
Year: 2020
Version: R25.21
Membership valid until: 2/8/21
Windows 7 SP1


  • Sherlock
    Sherlock SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    If you haven't already, save a backup (press Ctrl + B), open an investment register, press Ctrl + Shift + N and press Ctrl + Shift and select Move Transactions, ...
  • Melman1
    Melman1 Member ✭✭
    This brought up a window for Renumbering Securities which said "Normal security references (up to 5000): 312 from 1 to 312 / Abnormal references: 0 from 0 to 0 / Do you want to proceed? Do not proceed unless you have a current backup." After clicking Yes, it said "Renumbering complete. / Maximum security references after renumbering normal/moved: 312/312 / See Q-Renumber.txt in QW.EXE directory for details."

    I can't find the Q-Renumber.txt file, and Quicken still crashes. I now think that my problem started when Quicken wanted to rename one of my securities (a preferred stock that was partially redeemed). That security looks OK in the Security list, its transaction history is intact, but its price history only goes back about 2 weeks.
  • Melman1
    Melman1 Member ✭✭
    If I try to edit the account which contains the security I mentioned above, Quicken also crashes. If I open the Account List and click the Edit button for the account in question, or if I open the register for that account and select Edit Account Details under the gear.
  • Melman1
    Melman1 Member ✭✭
    Also, in the Online Center, I cannot do "Compare to Portfolio" for this account. The button is greyed out. I have two other accounts at that brokerage, and for those accounts "Compare to Portfolio" works fine.

    The account in question is downloading transactions and its balances are all correct.
  • Melman1
    Melman1 Member ✭✭
    File Operations - Validate and Repair - Rebuild Investing Lots seems to have mostly fixed the problem. I can open the Portfolio view, and I can edit the account. "Compare to Portfolio" still doesn't work.
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