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What's Happening in the Quicken Community April '20 Edition

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Hi All, happy April!  The last month has flown by and we hope everyone is staying safe and healthy out there!

If you haven’t already, we encourage you to ‘bookmark” the ongoing Announcement, here, for Quicken Support throughout the COVID-19 situation to automatically receive important updates regarding support and hours of operation.  The Community will continue to be available 24x7.

In the last month, the discontinuation date of the Quicken Bill Pay service was announced, however, during these times of uncertainty we have worked to extend services until August 31st, 2020.  For more information and to automatically receive important updates regarding the discontinuation of Quicken Bill Pay, please visit here and “bookmark’ the Announcement.

If you are new to the community or even a long-term contributor, the Quicken Community Support team would like to remind everyone of the Quicken Community Guidelines and encourage Users to review the Who’s Who in the Community, Community Ranks and Guidelines.

To wind down this month’s news, we are fast approaching the discontinuation of Quicken 2017.  As a reminder to all 2017 Users, as of April 30th, 2020 all Support and access to Online Services such as downloading or importing (web connect) transactions, syncing with the Quicken Cloud, updating quotes, securities, etc. will no longer be available, however Quicken will continue to function manually.

For more information on the Discontinuation Policy as well as helpful information on the Quicken Membership and subscription, please visit:

Featured Ideas for April:
Key Releases & Highlights for Quicken for Mac 

Subscription Version 5.15.2
  • IMPROVED: Added a Check Pay address tab to the Payees & Rules window.
  • IMPROVED: Added a warning that changing the account or routing number will require new Check Pay micro-deposits to be sent and verified.
  • FIXED: An issue where some birthdays entered in the Quick Pay and Check Pay payment account window weren't being allowed.
  • FIXED: Removed Cash accounts from the list of accepted accounts for Quick Pay and Check Pay. Any Cash account that was set up for Quick Pay or Check Pay will be changed to a checking account.
  • FIXED: A scheduled transaction crashing issue.

Key Releases & Highlights for Quicken for Windows

US Subscription Version 25.21

  • FIXED: An issue in which users were incorrectly being prompted to upgrade to use the bill payment option. This occurred on both the One Step Update settings screen and on the Bills & Income tab.
  • FIXED: Minor layout and text issues in the bill payment module.
  • FIXED: An issue cleaning up stale bills that were marked incorrectly with the ‘to be migrated’ status.
  • IMPROVED: Added customized messaging for City of Palo Alto utilities to clarify the delayed behavior of their payments.

Community Stats for the Month of February ‘20

2,210 New Discussions created with 8,744 comments posted by 2,496 Contributors
1,650 New Questions created with 1,672 answers posted & 1,076 Accepted Answers

Community Leaderboards for February ‘20

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